Desks, Workstations & Tables


Our range of desks, workstations and tables are built to accommodate all office shapes and sizes.  Your workspace needs, from a functional and flexible configuration to an aesthetically pleasing environment, can all be achieved by one of our custom office fit-outs. 

Talk to one of our expert representatives and they will be able to guide you through the many options to suit your needs as well as your budget.  See the below images for just a sample of the variety of desks, workstations & tables available in our product range.






Open Desks - Standard Legs

Open style desks provide an air filled open office space area.


Single Desk

A single desk can be configured to your needs.



 Side-By-Side (with or with screens)

 Add desks side-by-side to make an efficient working partnership.


 side by side

Square configuration

 Put two or more desks together on a

double frame and create an environment

for the exchange of ideas.

Double Frame

Desk Hubs

Add screening to maximise usable

office floor space while creating

a stylish work environment.

Desk Hubs


Open Desks - Loop Legs

With loop legs, your office has a modern feel.


Single Sided

Available in Natural Oak or Brilliant White Tops. And, you have the choice of White or Black Powdercoated frames.


Loop Leg

Add a Screen

Screen are available in Grey with Black Frames or Black with White Frames.

Loop Leg with Partition

Go Square

Frames are available in single or double lops.


Loop Leg - Double


 Running the desks together you can make runs of any length.

Loop Leg - Side-by-Side


Desks with Modesty Panels

Strong sturdy legs with a modesty panel makes this desk idea for both closed and open office environments.



Legs available in White, Black and Silver.


single desk

with Return

All versions have adjustable feet and cable management in the legs.

with return

Desk in Beech

Tops available in White & Beech.


single - beech

with Return

Desk mounted screens and slide on divider screens are also available. beech with return


Height Adjustable

Height adjustable desks provide stability, ragidity, strength and style.  Setting up preferred height for optional office working configurations.


Single Height Adjustable Desk

Height from 630-1252mm.



 Height Adjustable

With a Screen

Adds a back drop which provides placement flexibility.

Sit-stand - single

Back to Back

Ideal for creating a multi functional work environment.

sit-stand - double

Without a Screen

Screening is optional.


 Height Adjustable new range


Electric Height Adjustable

Electric height adjustable desks provide flexible working capability. Sit or stand at your desk as you work.


Electric Height Adjustable


sit-stand - down

Easy one button Adjustment

sit-stand - raising

Stand as you work

sit-stand - up



Desk Riser

Height adjustable solution for new or existing desks.  Available in 2 sizes and colours.


rapid raiser (2)

Rapid Riser

Gas spring offers smooth and even height adjustment. Also available in 2 sizes and colours.


Rapid Riser


Lift Height Adjustable Desk

Standalone gas lift operated height adjustable desk.

rapid raiser (3)




Straight Desks

Commonly used in general office spaces. Available in Warm White, Beech, Cherry and Apple Tree.

W 900mm x D 600mm x H 730mm *

W 1200mm x D 600mm x H 730mm *

W 1500mm x D 750mm x H 730mm 

W 1800mm x D 750mm x H 730mm **

W 1800mm x D 900mm x H 730mm *

For custom requirements, speak to one of sales representative to discuss you specific needs.



Strong cam and pin construction


Straight Desk - White

Beech / Ironstone

External bolts into the modesty panel for extra strength

Straight Desk - Beech

Cherry / Ironstone

25 mm thick tops and 18 mm thick gables


Straight Desk - Cherry

Apple Tree / Ironstone

Options: modesty panel to the floor, desk top with rounded corners & 25mm thick gables

Straight Desk - Appletree


* Not available in Apple Tree / Ironstone               ** Not available in White


Straight Desks, plus extras


Bow Front

Straight Desk with bow front provides an elegant look to an office

Straight Beech - with curved front

Meeting End

Ideal for a Manager office with handy meeting / conference end

Straight Desk with meeting end

Fixed Pedestal

Fit to the left or right hand side of the desk


Fixed Pedestal

Desk Return

Desk returns can turn an standard office straight desk into an executive workstation.

Straight Desk Return




120 degree Curved Desks

Provides interesting open office space configuration options.


120 degree Desk

Setup as a 'stand-alone'.


120 single

Desk Hub

Place 3 desks together and create a collaboration hub.

120 3 way

Mix and match tops and legs

You can mix and match to suit your office environment.

120 3 way (2)

Add panelling to create a working Pod

Available with office screen options and colours.

120 pod


Full Partitioning

Add full partitioning to provide private workspaces.  120 full partitioning

High Partitioning

High partitions are idea for adding accessories.

120 double pods

120 degree Height Adjustable

120 degree desks are NOT limited to one height.


120 hight adjustable

Connect to your Environment

Connection options are almost limitless.

120 pod connections


Open Workstations - Standard Legs

 Open style workstations provide an air filled open office space area.


Single Desk with Return

Adding a return to a single desk instantly converts a desk to a workstation.


workstation - straight leg

'L' configuration

Put 4 desks (with returns) together to make spacious workstation hub.

L configuration


Workstations provide a spacious work space, ideal for Manager Office's and open workspaces alike. 

workstation - straight leg

Workstation Hub

Adding partial screens creates a degree of privacy without limiting collaboration.

workstation hub


Workstations - Loop Legs

Clean lines, spacious workstations are suitable for both single or large numbers of users.


Single Workstation

workstation single

Duel Workstations

Double with Screen

Screens are Optional

4 way

Large Loops

4 way with screens


Workstations with Cable Management

Available in a range of finishes and dimensions.



with return


Rapid Span workstation


mix and match




Corner Workstations

Used in traditional private offices and can elegantly be setup in open spaces. Available in Warm White, Beech, Cherry and Apple Tree.

W 1200mm x W 1200mm x D 600mm x H 730mm

W 1200mm x W 1500mm x D 600mm x H 730mm

W 1200mm x W 1800mm x D 600mm x H 730mm

W 1200mm x W 2100mm x D 600mm x H 730mm

W 1500mm x W 1500mm x D 600mm x H 730mm

W 1800mm x W 1500mm x D 600mm x H 730mm

W 1800mm x W 1800mm x D 600mm x H 730mm *

W 1800mm x W 1800mm x D 750mm x H 730mm

W 2100mm x W 1500mm x D 600mm x H 730mm

W 2100mm x W 1800mm x D 600mm x H 730mm

W 2100mm x W 2100mm x D 600mm x H 730mm

* Warm White and Apple Tree are only available in the W 1800mm x W 1800mm x D 600mm x H 730mm


Warm White

warm white

Beech / Ironstone

Beech & Ironstone

Cherry / Ironstone

Cherry & Ironstone

Apple Tree / Ironstone

Apple Tree & Ironstone


Alternatively, the 2 piece radial workstation design, which is available in both left and right hand configurations, could be the exact look you are after.

W 1800mm x W 1800mm x D 700mm x H 720mm (LH, RH)




Beech / Iron


Cherry / Iron


Red Wood / Iron



Other sizes and configurations are also available in the corner workstation range.  Speak to one of sales representative to discuss you specific needs.



Tables of all Sizes

Ideal for all office environment. 


Elegant White

table white

Classic Black

Office Table (3)


Office Table with Modesty Panel


Square Table


High Tables

High tables are great change by walking away from your usual desk to work in a standing area.


Steel Frame Tables

High Table

High Legs

High Table (2)

Long High Stool

Standing Table

With Wheels

with wheels


Round Tables

Round table are both suited as meeting tables as well as open free space working areas.


round (5)

round (3)

round (6)

round (2)

round (4)

round (1)


Flip-Top & Fold-Away Tables

Ideal for conference rooms, training sessions, team building events and so much more.


fold (1.0) fold (1.1) fold (2.0) fold (2.1)


Flip (3.0) fold (3.1) flip (4.0) flip (4.1)




Options are almost endless...

With a variety of legs, screens and modesty panels, the look and feel of your office space is totally in your hands.  Here are just a few options to consider.  Please call us to talk to one of our friendly Sales Consultants that will be able to help you with any questions you may have.




2 1 3 4 8 7 5 6




1 2 3 4 clamp


1 3 2 4 5 6


Modesty Panels


Black dark grey light grey white




Colour Selection


Workstations are available in a range of wood like colours.

Apple Tree



Young Beech

Colour Selection


Clean and contrasting colour selections helps brighten the office.