D.I. Office Design offers a wide range of standard and made-to-order partitions.  Use as a noise barrier, office divider/room divider or just to create a private space. Specifications offer a choice of screen fabrics, powder coat finishes and glazing.

Talk to one of our expert representatives and they will be able to guide you through the many options to suit your needs as well as your budget.  See the below images for just a sample of the variety of desk mounted & floor free standing / mobile partitions available in our product range.




Desk Mountable


Motorised Desk Partition

Smooth motorised mechanism, custom made with between 1000mm and 1500mm for each panel, in a range of colours.  Can be installed on both static and height adjustable desks. And environmentally friendly containing minimum of 60% post-consumer recycled material.




Acrylic Screens & Sneeze Guards

For Acrylic Screens & Sneeze Guards please see our Product Range: COVID-19 Safety Products  page. It will provide you with some great ideas for returning back to the office safely. 

Static Desk Partitions

Available in a range of styles, sizes, materials and colours. Can be installed on both static and height adjustable desks. Styles with acoustic properties not only provide privacy but also help to reduce noise.



Partition Desk Top - 1


Partition Desk Top - 2

Divide two desks 

Partition Desk Top - 3

Tree Way

Partition Desk Top - 4


With void

Partition Desktop - 10


Partition Desktop - 11

Transparent modesty panel 

Partition Desktop -12


Partition Desktop - 14



Semi Transparent

Classic 4 desk configuration

Four Corners


4 Way

Total privacy

Total Privacy


Free Standing Office Partitions


Free standing

Free Standing

Multiple sizes available 

Double Screens

Twin units

Twin Screens

Angle / join panels Display




Extensive range of options

Partitions, Range

Combine options to fulfil functional needs

Partitions, Idea

 Mixed Panel Free Standing Partitions

Glass or perspex inserts

Glass or perspex inserts


Moulded Curved / Room Divider

Join panels to create a private space.


Curved Panels



Easily arrange into a snake panel arrangement.

Curved Panels - Snake Arrangement

Mobile Partitions



Mobile Zig-Zag

Configure to requirements







Partitions can be made in a range of fabrics styles and colours, only limited by ones imagination.  Here is a small sample of the many options available.  Speak to one of our friendly sales representatives that will be able to guide and advice you through the full range available.


Trilogy One

A polyester screening textile with a reputation for uncompromised quality at an affordable price, available in a wide range of colours. The Trilogy One is a low VOC emitting fabric ideal for offices.


Trilogy One


A felt textile is a sophisticated and intelligent fabric, ideal for sound absorption. 


Ecoustic Felt


A playful geometric pattern with a random repeat inspired by crystal growth structures.


Geo Range v2



A classic and versatile screen textile with a subtle texture.  100% polyester.


Ice Range v2



Inspired by the unexpected, a dynamic and abstract textile pattern.  69% cotton absorb prevalent indoor air contaminants therefore benefiting indoor air quality.





A contemporary textile with a gradating circle pattern and sophisticated sheen.  Designed to withstand hospital and healthcare laundry and performance standards.


Alloy Range v2



A beautiful wool-rich textile with a soft boucle texture.  73% Australian wool.


Cocoon Range



A versatile screen textile with a fresh modern colour palette.  Commercial Screen Fabrics.


Mojo Range



An elegant and contemporary screen textile texture.


Tatami Range