D.I. Office Design has a large range of wooden and steel storage products available from Australia's leading furniture brands.  Here is just a sample of the many open and secure office, staff and general purpose storage options available. 

Talk to one of our expert representatives and they will guide you through the process of selecting the products that best suit our purpose and budget.


Filing Cabinets

Bookcases & Shelves



Commonly used for the storage of books or lever arch folders etc. Adjustable shelfs and extra shelves are available. 


Office Range

3 shelves

(Beech / Ironstone)

 RW Beech, 3 Shelves


4 shelves

(Warm White)

 RV Bookcase


5 shelves

(Cherry / Ironstone)

RW Cherry, 5 Shelves

Office Manager

5 shelves

(Apple Tree / Ironstone)

RM AppleTree


Steel Shelves

Fully welded and powder coated finish

Stronghold Open Shelving

Mobile Shelving Aisle Saver

Great space saving idea

 Storage Saver




Office range of hutches can be mounted onto desks for close, at hand, storage or onto credenzas to create wall unit storage.


One Section

Provides at hand storage

Hutch - One section

Two Sections

Ideal for straight desks

Hutch - Two section

Three Sections

Perfect for corner workstations

Hutch - Three section

With Doors

Available with the Rapid Manger range

RM - With Doors


Pigeon Hole

Commonly used in employee rooms as an internal mail system and reception areas for short term transition filing.


Office Range

Additional shelves available

RW Pigeon Hole


Full pigeon hole unit

Horizon Full


Pigeon hole / storage unit

Horizon Pigeon / Storage

Steel Units

Sturdy fully welded construction

Stronghold Pigeon Hole Half


Lock system available for doors

Stronghold pigeon hold Large




Stationery Cabinets

Commonly used to store a wide variety of products in an office, ranging from stationery to private files that must be stored under lock and key.


Office Range

Available the range of  finishes

Stationery Cabinets


Adjustable shelves, plus extra shelves available

RW Stationery Beech





Steel Construction

Multiple sizes, finished & functions

Stronghold Stationery


Half door Stationery Cabinets

Short stationery cabinets and half a secure locking storage cabinet & half bookcase are ideal for smaller areas that need a cabinet to have multifunctional.


Office Range

Half stationery cabinet


RW Half Stationery


Combo stationery cabinet bookcase

Access Half plus bookcase


Half a secure locking storage cabinet and half bookcase

RW Half Door


Cabinet with single shelf


Cubespace, with Shelve


Long stationery cabinet


Cubespace, long



For high usage and/or industrial needs, steel cabinets provide made of strong all steel construction, are fully welded and have 3 point locking systems.


Steel Combination Cabinet

Fully welded with levelling feet

Stronghold - Combination

Steel Sloping Top Cabinet

Integrated sloping top & reinforced doors

Stronghold - Sloping top

Steel Industrial Cabinet

Extra heavy duty with 200kg shelf capacity

Stronghold - Extra heavy duty

Coat Cupboard

Simple clean & functional

Coat Cupboard




Mobile Pedestals

Mobile pedestals are a great accessory for any office desk.  Available in range of drawer & colour configurations, with lockable options available.


Office Range

4 Drawer Configuration


Accent - Mobile Pedestals


2 Drawer / 1 Filing

Warm White

RV - Mobile Pedestals


2 Drawer / 1 Filing

(Beech & Ironstone)

RW - Mobile Pedestals Beech


2 Filing

(Cherry & Ironstone)

RW - Mobile Pedestals Cherry

Office Manger

2 Filing

(Apple Tree & Ironstone)

RM- Mobile Pedestals


Stand alone

Pedestal filing cabinet

Complete mobile pedestals

Dual Unit

Double pedestal & mobile filing cabinet 

Complete - Double

Steel Units

Design perfectly for industrial office areas

Stronghold - Steel


Shelves, drawers & filing 

   Combination - Shelves, Draws & Filing


Fixed Pedestals

Fixed pedestals are a great addition to any desk or return and can be fixed to the left or right hand side of the desk.  All examples below are based on the Office Range of office furniture.


Office Range

Single drawer



Single drawer & single file - Beech



Single drawer & single file - Cherry



Three drawer - White



Three drawer - Apple Tree



Filing Cabinets



Vertical filing cabinets office range make great additions to any office and are available in warm white, grey, beech, cherry and apple tree.


Office Range

2 Drawer

Filing 2 Draw


3 Drawer

Filing 3 Draw

Office Manager

4 Drawer

Filing 4 Draw



Steel Cabinets

Strong all steel construction & anti-tilt system

Steel Filing Cabinets


All fully lockable

Filing Cabinets


Available in grey, beige, black, graphite ripple and pearl white


Filing Cabinets - 3 Draw


2, 3 or 4 Drawer

Filing Cabinet - 4 Draw



Lateral filing solutions provide extra filing capacity ideal for open areas and shared files.


Office Range

Ideal for individual offices as well as in multiples along a wall or corridor 

Lateral Filing Cabinet 2x2

Steel Units

Available in 2, 3 and 4 drawer varies

Lateral Filing Cabinet, range

Steel Units

Available in a range of colours

Lateral Filing Cabinets, colour options


Credenzas & Caddies


Credenzas / Buffet

Commonly used as desk returns or as standalone storage cabinets, credenzas & buffets provide lockable storage solution.


Office Range

Warm white

Credenzas - White


Beech / ironstone

Credenzas - Beech

Office Manager

Apple tree / ironstone

Credenzas - Apple Tree


Mobile Caddy

Mobile storage has takes storage to another level. Mobile storage systems have found a place for themselves in hospitals, libraries, retail stores, archives and offices.


Office Range

1 drawer & 1 file lockable with open compartment

Caddy - with Shelves


Option of left or right hand with 2 drawer & 1 file drawer

Caddy, with roller door

Steel Unit

Pencil, utility and file drawer along with adjustable shelving and lockable translucent tambour doors

Caddy with clear roller door


Steel Trimline

Available in left and right sided orientation

Black Mobile Caddy

Dual Unit

Double pedestal & mobile filing cabinet 

Double Caddy

Office Range

2 drawer & 1 file lockable with adjustable shelf

Mobile Caddy - Red


Lockers & Trolleys



Strong all steel construction with individually keyed compartments; steel lockers are strong secure option for employee personnel items storage.


Steel Units

8 Door

8 Door Fold


4 Door hang

4 Door Hang


Range between 1 & 8 door

Stronghold Range


Slop top

Slop top


Step locker

Step Locker



These durable lockers bring a whole new meaning to the phrase 'heavy duty'. This quality plastic lockers range has endless applications as it is suited to any environment. Feature include: Waterproof, easy to clean & multiple locking options.


One Door

One Door

Two Door

Two Doors

Four Door

Four Doors

Six Door

Six Doors

Eight Door

Eight Doors


Storage Trolleys

Available in a wide range of colour & sizes.


Mobile trolley


Multi-colour tubs


Suspended tubs

Suspended Tubs

Clean lines



Colour Selection


Available in a wide range of colours and contrasting shades, including:


Office Range


Office Range Colour


Steel Construction


Standard colour range:


Stronghold Colour Pallete - Standard


Extended colour range:


Stronghold Colour Pallete